Rural Studies Program

We offer a Rural Studies program in Buenavista de Cuéllar, a small community nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur in the neighboring state of Guerrero. Students take intensive Spanish classes and live with families as they would at our Cuernavaca campus. But in Buenavista you get a view into a more rural way of life. The main activity of the town is agriculture. There are also several textile assembly plants which have provided a source of income for many people. Leatherwork is a local craft.

Extra-curricular activities include cooking classes, making sandals, belts, or bookbags with a local leather craftsman; medicinal herb workshops; visiting public schools; volunteering at the school for handicapped children; joining in with school children in sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball); weaving with palm; and if you want to get up early you can help milk cows by hand.

Professional groups have visited the health center, the Family Strengths center (DIF), some of the local schools, and have met with women whose spouses are working in the USA. Agriculture students can visit farms, the tannery, and cheese factories.

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