Arriving in Mexico

We recommend you fly into the Mexico City Airport and then take the bus directly from there to Cuernavaca or arrange to have us pick you up.

The Mexico City airport is a marvelous and user-friendly place.  There are two terminals:  Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 with a monorail train connecting them.  Both handle international and domestic flights.  If you need help finding your way there are uniformed people in wheel chairs whose job it is to help you. If you have a problem you can call Cemanahauc toll free at 01-800-713-3649 from any public phone in the terminal.

What do I do when I get off the plane?

Make sure you have filled out and signed the Mexican Tourist Card you were given on the airplane. Use the school’s address on the Tourist Card—Calle San Juan número 3, Colonia Las Palmas Sur, Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Airline personnel will guide you to the immigration area labeled Migración. Stand in the line designated for extranjeros (foreigners).  When you get to the head of the line show your passport and your Mexican Tourist Card to the immigration officer.  S/he will keep part of it and return part of it to you.  Put it away in a safe place along with your passport as you will need it to exit the country.

Where do I get my bags?

After leaving the immigration area there is only one way to go and you’ll get to a large hall with many baggage carousels.  Look for a television monitor to find which carousel your flight’s baggage will arrive on.  Keep an eye on other carousels because frequently there are changes in the designated carousel.

Terminal 1 has free carts in this area, Terminal 2 doesn’t.  In Terminal 2 you pay for the cart by putting a $10 peso coin in a machine. You can use the cart within the terminal building, even as far as the bus boarding area.  In Terminal 1 the free carts can only be taken just outside the customs area.  From there on you will need to handle your own luggage or make use of the services of a porter.

You may be asked to show your baggage claim checks once you have all your luggage. As soon as you exit from the customs area baggage handlers will offer their services.  If you do use one of them you will be expected to tip him $1 US per bag.

Where do I go if my luggage doesn’t arrive?

If your luggage does not arrive, do not leave the baggage claim area until you have filed a report with a uniformed airline representative.  There usually is one standing near the baggage carousel until all baggage has been claimed.  On the form, ask for the luggage to be delivered to the school at  Calle San Juan número 3, Colonia Las Palmas Sur, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Clave Postal 62050; Teléfono 777-318-6407.  Make sure the baggage claim check numbers are written on the lost luggage report and get a phone number to call to track the status of your luggage.

Where should I exchange money?

It is important to have Mexican pesos and a very good idea to get some before leaving the airport.  To get the best exchange rate, wait until after customs and you are in the public area of the terminal building. ATM machines are the easiest way to get pesos. Keep in mind that the transaction will be in pesos and the peso sign ($) is the same as the dollar sign.

Exchange houses exchange cash or travelers checks for Mexican pesos. There will be two rates posted for each currency. You’ll always get the lower rate—the higher one is what you would pay to buy dollars or other foreign currency with pesos.

How do I catch the bus from the airport to Cuernavaca?

Pullman de Morelos has buses departing from the airport every ninety minutes from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. The ticket is about $15 US, which you can pay for with Mexican pesos, Visa, or Mastercard. The buses go to the Casino de la Selva bus station in Cuernavaca.

You need to know which terminal you are in. Ask “¿En que terminal estamos? ¿La Terminal uno, o dos?”  The answer should be “Terminal uno” (Terminal 1) or “Terminal dos” (Terminal 2).

If in Terminal 1:  Ride the escalator up from the ground floor (Planta Baja, or PB) to the Primer Piso (first floor).  The escalator is located between gates E1 and E3. Walk to the end of the food court. Go down the hallway between Krispy Kreme and 7 Eleven to the Pullman de Morelos ticket counter.

If in Terminal 2:  Turn right as soon as you exit from customs into the public area of the airport.  Walk the whole length of the terminal, go through the glass doors and you’ll see the bus boarding area.  Jog to your right and then to your left.  Look for the Pullman de Morelos ticket booth.

Purchase your ticket at the Pullman de Morelos ticket counter. Each ticket is for a designated seat on a bus designated by its departure time. Departure time is shown in 24-hour time; for instance 2:00 p.m. is 14:00.   Your luggage will be loaded under the bus and you’ll be given a luggage claim check. You will only be allowed a very small bag onboard the bus — daypack size or smaller. It is about an hour and a half ride to Cuernavaca once you leave the airport.  The drinks and cookies distributed by the stewardess are free.

When you arrive at the bus station in Cuernavaca, gather your bags and exit through the revolving metal gate. The taxi stand is on the other side of the gate on a cobblestone street. Tell the driver you want to go to “la escuela Cemanahuac en Las Palmas. Calle San Juan número 3 atrás de la Terminal de la Estrella de Oro“. Set the fare before you get into the taxi by asking how much he/she will charge you. The fare should be $80 pesos at the most. You do not tip in addition to the set fare.

The taxis in Cuernavaca are white with matching numbers on the doors and license plates. All taxis in Cuernavaca should have an orange strip across the bottom of their license plates.

How do I get picked up at the airport by the Cemanahuac staff?

We can pick you up at the airport in Mexico City and drive you to Cuernavaca. The fee is $140 US dollars. If others requesting van service arrive around the same time the fee is split. Make arrangements at least two weeks in advance by emailing Harriet Guerrero ( or calling Cemanahuac at +52-777-318-6407. Tell us which airport the last leg of your flight takes off from, the airline, and the flight number.

We will meet you when you exit from the Customs area. Look for someone holding a Cemanahuac sign with your name or your group’s name on it. If your flight is delayed or cancelled or you do not make contact with the Cemanahuac representative call us. From the US or Canada or using your cellphone in Mexico dial 011-52-777-318-6407. From other countries dial +52-777-318-6407. In Mexico call our toll free number from any public phone at 01-800-713-3649. No coins or calling card are needed for this call.