Getting Around

Cemanahuac is located just a couple blocks from the bustling Las Palmas traffic circle. There you will find all kinds of amenities as well as easy transportation to other parts of Cuernavaca and beyond.

In Las Palmas there are several bank branches where you can find ATMs and exchange money. There are cafes and restaurants, a mini-mart, a bakery, and many food stands. Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut are nearby. There is a 24-hour pharmacy and a Radio Shack.

Many city buses, called rutas, pass through Las Palmas. All rutas have a number and a set route they follow, making frequent stops. Ask at the school or at your host family about what route number travels to where you want to go.

Taxis are also plentiful in Las Palmas. It is customary to fix the rate with the driver before getting into the taxi as taxis have no meter. Ask at the school or your host family for a typical rate for where you want to go.

Cuernavaca has frequent bus service into Mexico City and other parts of Mexico. The bus to Acapulco leaves from the Estrella de Oro station in Las Palmas. The bus to Mexico City leaves from the Pullman de Morelos station in the center of Cuernavaca (Calle Abasolo #12). The bus to the Mexico City airport leaves from the Pullman de Morelos station at the Casino de la Selva (Avenida Plan de Ayala #102).