Educator and Professional Spanish Immersion

With Spanish the second most used language in the U.S., people in many professions find Spanish language proficiency a critical skill for doing their jobs well. In our Spanish immersion program you not only learn the nuts and bolts of Spanish but you also learn the nuances and specialized vocabulary you need. We can tailor classes to teachers and school administrators, clergy, social workers, medical professionals, public service workers, and other professions.

What professions can you tailor your classes for?

We can find a specialist to work with you in any field. We commonly serve educators, medical professionals, social workers, clergy, lawyers, academics, law enforcement, public safety, and fire officials.

How can I get graduate level credit and CEUs?

Professionals who study at Cemanahuac routinely get professional credit for the clock hours for their language and cultural studies. We will work with you to provide the documentation you need to apply for credit or CEUs through your home institution. We can also hook you up with a program that grants graduate-level credit and CEUs. Contact us and we’ll find a program that’s right for you. All arrangements should be made before you travel.

What programs do you have for Educators?

Cemanahuac offers special programs for teachers which include basic Spanish classes, additional vocabulary classes, and visits to schools and educational centers in Cuernavaca. We also offer “Mesoamerica in the Classroom,” a self-paced class that helps you pull together what you learn in your language classes and on field trips to develop materials to use in your own classroom. We are happy to help teachers develop Mexican resource kits to use in their classrooms.

Spanish language teachers of all experience levels are welcome at Cemanahuac. We also offer special seminars to teachers who have been teaching other languages and who are now being asked to teach Spanish language classes. Both the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and many state and regional education associations offer scholarships to language teachers to study at Cemanahuac. Academic credit is available for all teachers who study with Cemanahuac.

Many school districts offer scholarships and reduced rates to study at Cemanahuac. Contact us for more information.

I had an incredible journey, from which I’ve gained invaluable knowledge and first-hand experiences about a culture and people who have so much love for one another and for their beautiful country.

– Maggie Morris
New York teacher

I really appreciate that they are so attentive to the individual and to finding out exactly what is going to help you fulfill your personal goals in being here.

– Mark Alan Powell
University Professor and Author

Do you have a summer program for teachers?

Cemanahuac offers a special two-week program from July 6-20, 2019 for teachers emphasizing the development of cultural competence among students in Spanish language classes, including the following innovative elements:

— Language training for teachers in small classes at each teacher’s level of Spanish proficiency, honing in on specific concerns and problems in the classroom. These teacher programs are designed for non-native speakers to maintain and improve their communicative skills (vocabulary, pronunciation, language level, etc.), with 20 hours per week of Spanish classes and workshops in the afternoon. It is also appropriate for ESOL teachers, with language classes at each person’s ability level.

— Workshops to produce culturally-available realia, with ample opportunities to create digital and video moments for use in teaching Spanish

— Guided visits to educational and artistic sites, presenting information on the fascinating history and culture of Mexico, with discussion about inclusion of this information in the classroom and ample time for hands- on crafts and games.

— A family living experience, all meals included, extending the Spanish language learning into the afternoon and evening.

The seminar runs from July 6 to 20, 2019. The fee is $1,315.00, which includes registration, tuition, family housing with all meals (double occupancy), one full-day field study trip, two half-day field study trips, a walking tour of Cuernavaca, farewell dinner, printed materials, and a certificate of attendance.

Contact us for more information and to enroll.

Where can I stay while I study?

You can take part in our homestay program, stay at our Guest House, or take advantage of one of the lovely hotels in town.

What does it cost?

See our schedule of fees. Contact us for information about scholarships and professional discounts.

Are there scholarships to study at Cemanahuac?

The following educational groups offer scholarships to study at Cemanahuac. Applicants must be active members of the organizations to which they are applying for scholarship. Check requirements and application deadlines with each organization. For more information contact Vivian Harvey.

National organizations:

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Regional organizations:

Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
Southern Conference on Language Teaching
Southwest Conference on Language Teaching

State Organizations

California Language Teachers Association
Illinois Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages
Massachusetts Foreign Language Teachers Association
New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers
Ohio Foreign Languages Association
Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association
Texas Foreign Language Association
Virginia Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association

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