Scholarships to study at Cemanahuac

The following educational groups offer scholarships to study at Cemanahuac. Applicants must be active members of the organizations to which they are applying for scholarship. Check requirements and application deadlines with each organization. For more information contact Vivian Harvey.

National organizations:

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Regional organizations:

Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
Southern Conference on Language Teaching
Southwest Conference on Language Teaching

State Organizations

California Language Teachers Association
Illinois Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages
Massachusetts Foreign Language Teachers Association
New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers
Ohio Foreign Languages Association
Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association
Texas Foreign Language Association
Virginia Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association

Comments from scholarship recipients

Nina Barber, Southwest Conference on Language Teaching

I was able to make lifelong connections with my cohorts in the group.  Although we live all over the US, we are remaining in contact on Facebook.  Many have plans to meet up at area conferences in the spring.  We hope to plan a reunion trip in a year or two.  We have set up a google folder where we are sharing our information.

One really great activity (not to mention fun, educational, and exhausting) is touring with Charlie.  His weekend and after-school tours are worth every penny (wear good walking shoes!!!).  I learned so much from Charlie’sstories, and his tours are packed with history and visual amazement!  Riding a bus and spending a day with strangers certainly helped us bond quickly.

Allison Packard: Illinois Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages

My experience at Cemanahuac far exceeded my expectations.  Nearly every day we went somewhere amazing, from Teotihuacan to Taxco to Tepoztlán…  I never knew how beautiful Mexico was!  And being able to go on these trips with the very knowledgeable Charlie Goff made them so much more educational.

All of the teachers at the school were so wonderful, and everyone was so friendly.  I loved meeting the other teachers in the program and sharing different ideas with them.  During my two weeks in Cuernavaca, I had the opportunity to buy and collect a lot of authentic items, as well as take pictures and videos, that I will use in my classes.  I learned so much about Mexican history and culture all while improving my Spanish.

Another wonderful part of my experience was my homestay.  Marilú Almazán was such an incredible hostess and made me feel at home from the moment I arrived.  She was more than a hostess, and she is now a good friend.

Kathryn Valentine, American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

The grammar and culture lessons at Cemanahuac were exceptional.  I was perfectly placed with others of my same Spanish speaking abilities and we arduously studied grammar each morning. Then, we transitioned to the culture class, which proved to be tremendously relevant for we could leave the building and view everything we were learning about first hand. One of numerous things I found fascinating was to learn how the Mexican Spanish language compares to Spanish from Spain.  Mexican Spanish has so many vocabulary words derived from the indigenous language, and it was exciting to learn these new words. This was a pleasant surprise.

Cuernavaca is a small, comfortable city which has all the amenities any student would need. The locals are truly friendly and welcoming. In fact, the taxi drivers I had were like docents at the Smithsonian – full of interesting information!

Whitney Darko, Central States Foreign Language Association

I had the most AMAZING time at Cemanahuac and in Cuernavaca! It is the most beautitful city I think that I have ever seen! I LOVED my grammar classes with Lupita. She really took her time to make sure that we understood concepts. I also loved working with Dalel and the other teachers during our workshop in the afternoon. We were able to collaborate and share resources that we use in our own classrooms. I really feel that when I left my Spanish had improved a great deal and that I was more confident, which was one of my goals. I also made some life long friends with the teachers I met there.

Mercedes Mason, Pennsylvania Foreign Language Association  

The Cemanahuac experience was the ultimate professional development! Not only did I improve my language skills, but learned practical and immediately applicable instructional strategies. I highly recommend this program to colleagues!

Melissa Karigan, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

I feel so fortunate that I was able to study at Cemanahuac this past summer! I learned so much about the Mexican culture! My teachers and host family could not have been more welcoming, kind, or helpful.

I cannot wait to share all of the knowledge I gained from being at Cemanahuac. I hope that speaking of my experience will open my students’ eyes to the opportunities that are available to them. I truly cannot say enough about my time in Cuernavaca!

John Schepisi, New York Foreign Language Teachers Association

Cemanahuac was a wonderful experience. Thank you for letting me part of the Cemanahuac community.  All the best!

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