Guest House

The Cemanahuac Guest House is located across the street from the school. Five private apartments provide a convenient and relaxing setting for students, travelers, and people looking for a longer-term place to stay in Cuernavaca. There is a large terrace on the roof which is great for sunbathing, reading, or hanging out. People staying in the Guest House are welcome to make use of the school´s facilities such as the pool, gardens, computer access, library, current events talks, and of course are welcome to sign up for classes.

What are the apartments like?

The Guest House was designed by a frequent traveler whose highest priorities when choosing a place to stay are clean rooms and bathrooms and tidy, clutterless surroundings. Each bedroom has ample closet space so you can unpack your suitcase and tuck it out of sight in the closet. Each apartment has a common room with a kitchenette, a bedroom, and a full bathroom. The kitchenette has basic utensils, dishes, and flatware. There is a small refrigerator, a gas stovetop and a microwave.  The bedroom has two twin-sized beds and a large closet. The bathroom has a toilet, sink, shower stall, and hair dryer. We provide bed linens and towels. Public phones and computer access are available for your use across the street at the school. We recommend you bring toiletries, an alarm clock, and a travel iron.

How many people can stay in an apartment?

Each apartment was designed to house one to two people. However two apartments can be joined to make a private, 4-bed suite.

What is security like at the Guest House?

The Guest House is on a well-lit street near the school. The outside gate is kept locked at all times. You will be given a key to the outside gate and another key to your apartment. Each apartment has a safe with a heavy duty lock to put your valuables in.

How much does it cost to stay at the Guest House?

The fee for an apartment in the Guest House is $50 US dollars per night, $270 US dollars per week, or $850 US dollars per month.

How do I reserve an apartment?

Email Harriet Guerrero or call Cemanahuac at 52-777-318-6407 to check availability and reserve your apartment.

Where do I eat when I stay there?

If you’d like to cook for yourself, there are grocery stores and a bakery within easy walking distance. There are a number of places to eat in the neighborhood including Los Vikingos restaurant, Pizza Hut, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.